Friday, 21 November 2008


So I got tagged by Sarah from the studio darling to list 6 things that make me happy. I'm not feeling too happy at the moment as I'm in bed with a cold. The thing that would make me the happiest at this moment would to not have a sore red nose but that ain't happening fast. Here goes:

1. London...........................................................

Our great nations capital. Been there a million times but still I get excited when I see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Sad I know but I love being a tourist when I go there. There are so many amazing galleries and museums and so many beautiful buildings. It just excites me so much being there. Me and my friend had some time to kill recently before getting the train and so we went to see the Queen.

If you've never been to London, do do do go if you get the chance. Take a walk down Brick Lane and look in all the vintage shops, stroll along embankment and visit the Tate Modern. Alternatively just watch Notting Hill or Love Actually. I'm a sucker for Hugh Grant. He's so terribly English.

2. Dreaming of what I'd do if I won the lottery.
It would involve a lot of Chanel, a lot of living in New York and a lot of travelling. Ahhhh it's one of my favourite past times.

3. Trashy TV.
I just love having nothing to do and just watching The Hills or Laguna Beach or the Ashlee Simpson show or reality TV shows, you know the one's where the girls have to compete to get the guy. I'm intelligent young lady but there is something very self indulgent and addictive about this trash.

4. David Bowie/Joy Division/Talking Heads/Sonic Youth
Sitting in bed, cleaning the bathroom, organising my underwear drawer all listening to the above. What a dream.

5. Fashion Magazines
Ah the excitement when Elle comes out is an excitement I love. My Elle collection is something I'm very proud. Ever since I was little I've loved magazines, I used to try and recreate the hair styles in Sugar magazine and hide from my mum it had articles about sex or boys in it. Today it's a little different but I don't think I could go without buying Elle and Vogue each month. It's my guilty pleasure and I don't think it's a bad one at all.

6. Science
It excites me and blows me away every time I think about it. Being a very inquisitive little girl when I was young I was always interested in how things work and my "why why why why why" always irritated my mother immensely. I studied Science at University and feel so out of touch and un-intelligent at the moment. Must really read New Scientist soon and get excited about what's going on again. Is there room for both Vogue and NS in my life? It's worth a try.

I tagggggggggggggg:


For their lovely comments on my blog. I'm off to watch something love actually and get in the mood for Xmas.


Lisa said...


thanks for the tag!

i will definitely get to it within the next few. :)

i share the same magazine love.


♥ fashion chalet said...

thank you <3 for including me !!

my 6.....

1 hot chocolate
2 fashion magazines
3 breakfast at tiffanys
4 croissants
6 blogging



love ur blog hun!

i have yet to go see London! one day soon...i hope!
i will be coming back for more!