Thursday, 16 October 2008


All I can think about is boots, boots and more boots. I will find my perfect boots soon until then I will lust after nearly every pair I see. My most desired silhouette for a/w is long bare legs, ankle boots and socks. Currently I don't have any of those things. Can I brave bear legs that's the question? If it's good enough for Alexa it's good enough for me.



MollyCake said...

you are a littlemolly. i am a littlemollycake.

strength in numbers even if we are little and full of cake.

i want shoe boots!

hrose said...

the gucci boots with huge round studs on it are amazing, and wonderful, and i NEED them. i NEED THEM RIGHT NOW!
and my love for the pierre hardy gap boots is well documented. i wish there was a gap in australia so i could buy these beautiful beautiful boots.
oh my god.
so many boots, so little time.

this post has tortured me. i need to go have some chocolate to calm down.
why must i live in sartorial wasteland (australia) and why must gucci price these boots in the thousands!!??

it's just not fair. *sigh*