Sunday, 26 October 2008


I've decided I want the following things and soon:

  • a gold watch
  • a pair of black ankle boots (obviously)
  • lots of vintage necklaces
  • an oversized black blazer
  • black lacy underwear
  • black loafers
  • some kind of winter coat, any suggestions??
  • a Barbour jacket that won't cost me a small fortune
  • furry dearstalker
  • longer legs

1 comment:

hrose said...

excellent choices!!!
i want almost exactly the same things; BARBOUR!!! is on the top of my list, although they are v. expensive, a black blazer, ankle boots (i have been searching for SO long), and i want a silver watch, not gold.

i have a pair of loafers (stole them off my dad!) and let me tell you they are the most comfortable flats ever. i could run a marathon in them! , well, maybe not. but you get the picture!

good luck in your search for these items! i'm definitely going to be putting some of them down on a birthday/christmas list.

hope you had a lovely weekend!