Sunday, 14 December 2008


Ahhh Rodarte. How beautiful and memorizing these pieces are together.

I am still feeling out of touch. I hope to resume normal service soon. I'm praying for some spare time to catch up on normality to come around this week. My bloglovin tells me have 249 posts to read, that number itself makes me anxious. I need time with some fashion magazines.

This week and weekend have been lovely and hectic. Me and the boyf went to London and did some shopping, no xmas presents I might add though. Went to see the amazing Vivian Girls at the Macbeth. Check them out, all girl trio who ooze coolness. They dress and play like they are exuding no effort and it works perfectly.
They have some pretty questionable tattoos though, which caused me and my boyfriend to chat at length about friends bad tattoos and how we really both really want to get something but don't want to end up being included in peoples conversations about friends bad tattoos.

Bumped into friends in Shoreditch, drank too much, slept in hottest hotel room ever = hangover. Did some shopping in Brick Lane, felt too awful to search in Beyond Retro, very disappointed in myself. Picked up a gorgeous nautical vintage navy blazer. Boyf got a lovely checked shirt and a vintage t-shirt with dolphins wearing sunglasses on it, you have no idea how pleased with himself he is with this purchase.

Spent way too much money in Urban Outfitters, me and boyf bought the same pair of acid wash jeans in the sale, same size and everything, I told him we should just buy one pair and share but he wasn't having it. I think it's thrifty, he thinks it's freaky sharing clothes, although he often wears my jeans and big checked shirts and visa versa. We are slowly morphing into each other and it's so funny, there's nothing we can do about it.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and are getting ready for Xmas. I am not. This week it's my mission. If there is anything important I need to catch up in the blog world, let me know. I have 249 posts that are dying to tell me stuff.

p.s. I ask myself, are acid wash jeans now "out' considering they were in the sale. I don't care if they are. I like them.

source: jamesmacariphotography


Lisa said...

hey beauty.

thanks for your sweetness!

enjoy your week getting into the holiday spirit.


Airam said...

*laughs at the ide of Boyfriend wearing my clothes*
I'm sure you guys can pull it off, my the idea of my tall, skinny guy in my pretty, fifties dresses is just horrifying!
*laughs some more*

How did your hair turn out, by the way? I've had a short, messy bob many times (somehow I always come back to it), and have found that the best way for me to mess it up, is to add quite a lot of gel (in dry hair, so blowdry first if wet), then take a dry towel and rub my hair vigorously with it. Fix with some spray, and you're good to go!

I like your blog.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Love Rodarte

Miss Urbanita said...

Lovely! I want to be on holidays noooow. Kisses.

Nature Grafitti said...

i adore these photographs!
EEEEEE Rodarte is truly amazing

deep_in_vogue said...

I wonder if the Rodarte hype is going down anytime soon, doesn't seem like it. I'm sure all the well-deserved publicity will pay off for the brand.